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With an extensive background in providing Customer Service and Care to a wide variety of market segments, SIGNIA provides a solution that will deliver the desired outcome for our clients and in turn their customers, donors and members.

With our focus squarely on our clients’ goals and objectives, we strive to provide an exceptional experience that sets our clients apart from their competition. Our people have the expertise and desire to professionally service the needs of our clients and get the job done right and on-time, with a company-wide attitude of excellence and quality.

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Contact Center Services

Stand out in a competitive market by partnering with SIGNIA to provide outstanding customer support.  SIGNIA provides the full spectrum of customer service and care from order and payment processing to customer inquiries and timely follow-up to Tier 1 support.  What sets SIGNIA apart is the high tenure of our agents.  This provides our clients with an experienced workforce and in turn an outstanding customer experience.  SIGNIA has the insights to identify how, when and on what platforms customers want to engage.


Non-profit & Fundraising Services

Since 1978, SIGNIA (formerly known as Public Interest Communications) has maximized the relationship building power of personal engagement for many of the most successful philanthropic organizations and associations in America.  The pioneer in telefundraising, SIGNIA can engage and interact with donors on their preferred platform: phone, email, text, social media, etc.  SIGNIA provides the highest quality donor engagement and care.  We support the full donor lifecycle through outreach, inbound donor support and donor retention.

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