As fulfillment options have expanded, SIGNIA has taken the lead in the Telefundraising arena.



This traditional fulfillment mechanism is a valuable part of our ongoing efforts.  With an internal mail shop and production services, accuracy and timeliness are both accomplished.  Every client directs the creative process for their fulfillment package. If it’s a simple reply card, BRE and envelope or a highly personalized baronial package, you can rely on your SIGNIA team to ensure your fulfillment package is printed, assembled and delivered to the post office, ready for it to reach your donor’s home.



This is a routine part of SIGNIA’s fulfillment services.  For many donors, it is now the preferred way to honor a pledge.  Our email series consists of five letters.  They are short, to the point and generic enough to stand the test of multiple campaigns.



Peer-to-Peer texting is an additional SIGNIA fulfillment mechanism.  As with email fulfillment, short messages are prepared with the appropriate one sent immediately at the end of the call.