SIGNIA has pioneered many of today’s standard Telefundraising approaches.  In today’s multichannel communication world, no single outreach tactic maximizes return by itself. Telemarketing is still a critical piece of the multichannel fundraising puzzle. When deployed to the right target audience, telefundraising provides the opportunity to open a personal engagement with a current or perspective donor that cannot be duplicated through other forms of direct marketing. SIGNIA’s skilled agents are adept at developing a personal rapport that builds trust and secures the gift.

Deploying telemarketing in conjunction with other donor communication tactics can boost overall response rates. For example, following up a donor call with an email or text can boost the response by 20%.

To create an even more impactful personal engagement, SIGNIA has developed a donor modeling and contact list segmentation strategy that will improve campaign performance.  Over the years SIGNIA has identified several key factors that help predict a prospective donor’s propensity to engage and donate.  As part of the onboarding process, SIGNIA will identify the data fields required for inclusion in the calling contact files.


  • Our model targets donors most likely to become Sustainers

  • Small, highly focused campaigns increase our clients' net income

Retention Programs

  • A Sustainer misses a monthly payment, call to remind them

  • Reinstate phone acquired Sustainers with another phone call


  • Select your audience carefully – New Donors, Phone Responsive Donors, Sustainers and Donors who have opted in for cell phone contacts

  • Use a strong creative message with appropriate asking levels

Renewals / Reinstatements

  • Timing is everything for Renewals – select the effort where adding a phone call will have the biggest impact

  • Start calling your most recently lapsed donors and gradually add older ones until you reach your benchmark for acquisition subsidies


  • Extend and deepen Donor loyalty with a sincere “Thank You” call

  • Asking a donor to help by sharing their opinion, dramatically increases the value of this call

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